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Die-cutting tools for rotary machines

We belong among the few manufacturers, whose quality of cutting tools makes it possible for the customers to switch from flat-bed systems of production to rotary machinery. Cutouts made using our rules keep the same dimensions and products are waste less. The water-jet, automated and laser devices operated by our employees of long standing guarantee quality and allow us to be flexible in meeting the requirements of our customers. 

Currently we are capable of manufacturing rotary die-cutters from Ø174.4 mm to Ø675 mm. As a standard, we deliver cutting tools for machines whereto they are fastened in the usual manner, i.e. using bolts, but available are also tools suitable to be fast-clamped using the systems of "posilok", "serapid" and "rapid". All orders are processed on CAD SW from company Artios. The designs thus adjusted are then cut with laser and water-jet devices using all of our automated machines.


Rotační výsekové nástroje

Rotační výsekové nástroje